For the record…

For the record regarding the cookie/cupcake self induced dilemma


I actually got the stuff to do the last idea of the petal cookies and the cake ball. 

I rolled out the dough… used my perfectly petal shaped cookie cutter… 


And they massively changed shape on me when baked. Like twice as wide as the cutter.

This did not work. Especially when I wasn’t sure they wouldn’t be overly cramped anyways.


I needed to do one of the other sugar cookie recipes that was better suited to small sized cutouts… but never got around to it.


I thought about purchasing and frosting ladyfingers… but I didn’t end up with the time. 


I thought about going back to the cupcake idea and making them myself, but the two cake mixes I had on hand would not have mixed together well, meaning it would be two separate rounds of cupcakes.


Had I originally ordered from walmart, they would have had time to make specific ones that I ordered with sunflowers. But by the time all this was finished, I didn’t.


So she has walmart cupcakes. 6 dora, 6 cars, 6 hulk, and 6 rubber ducky.

Long live the creative domestic goddess.


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