And the party recap

It, as expected, was lame.

I find myself feeling really discouraged about it… and about the only ray of sunshine is the promise of next year being different.


As I mentioned I somewhat expected to happen again, older brother and his family were a no-call, no-show. Cousins didn’t come. And even my aunt canceled because “the dog has an eye infection that needs watched”. 

Gotta give her credit for excuse creativity.


So. It was a party of 5 adults and the birthday child. Sigh.


She wanted to do the ice cream cake… which wasn’t entirely as we’d requested, but came out nice none the less… much better than the ugly one in the original picture.

And she wanted to do glow in the dark mini-golf again. So we decided to just do golf as a normal walk in instead of do the party there so the cake didn’t have issues staying cold… then go back to mom’s for cake and presents.


And, well, I won’t be signing off on golf again.

Last time we did it, everyone stayed together. You could play the next hole, but waited to start the 3rd hold until everyone was done with the first hole. So even in a group of like 20, it worked well.

Not so this time. My stepdad was already done with the first hole before the rest of us had our clubs yet… and on the 4th before the last people had started the first. (Stepdad regularly forgets he isn’t the center of the world, so this shouldn’t have been surprising. He regularly used to turn off the tv and lights when he left the room even if other people were sitting in the room and watching the tv.)

So kiddo was constantly racing trying to keep up with him, in spite of being told to stay with the group, repeatedly, and asked to not go to the next hole, repeatedly, and pointed out that she was missing playing with everyone else, repeatedly. 

You know those frustrating and embarassing times where no matter what, the kid blatantly ignores you until you feel like making them sit out the rest of the game, or even pulling them into the bathroom to be spanked the next time they directly disobey? That was this experience.

I ended up playing about 2 holes of the first game, because I’d wanted pictures, but the black lighting is hard to work with anyway, but extra hard when the kid is halfway across the room from some of the other players. So most of them came out pretty awful… and none of them have more than 2 people in them. You would think in a group of only 6 you’d be able to get something besides just individual pics.

The random transparent leg does sort of amuse me though.

Second round I gave up. When she wonders why there are no good pics of that part when she’s older, she can just be reminded of her behavior… and the spanking she probably should have been given birthday or not.

So we went home to presents. And every single squarish gift she pouted because it wasn’t a laptop.

She does love the mp3 player though, especially since I’d preloaded lots of Hannah and all of the HSM soundtracks. But which has opened up all new defiance of rules, and we’ve already had issues with trying to sneak it to church and having taken it to school after being told it was not allowed.

But its amazing how much quieter it is around here! lol at least when she isn’t singing along.


Her birthday night itself didn’t go any better.

I’d taken her out to dinner… which she wanted my stepdad and mom to come, but only stepdad did. Which made most of the time him getting onto her for things like arranging her goldfish and sitting weird in her chair (with one leg on the round sort of half standing)… and going on about how she never acts this bad for him. Uh, yeah right.

And making various rules about how much of what she had to eat to get ice cream, then changing them as soon as she had met the stated goal. (I don’t do this at all… eating out or not. I’d much rather her learn to know when she’s full and when to stop… as much as I’d rather she didn’t waste food, other goals are more important.)

So then we went to the bookstore. Where I was promptly reminded why I don’t take her to the bookstore. For the first thing, a hyped birthday child is not compatible with bookstore appropriate behavior.

But the second was more a battle. The kid can read Where the Sidewalk Ends with only help on 2 or 3 words per page… while I like the Dr. Suess books, I’m not buying something that far below her reading level right now. But then, nor am I buying something from the young adult section that has the reading level of a Harry Potter book that I’d be reading to her and she’d be losing the complicated plot. And those were the two extremes we kept hitting.

She didn’t want the Junie B Jones books, in spite of them being right about her level right now. But at one point she literally picked up a book called “The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat”. And at another had a Harry Potter. Um… no to both.

The only things she wanted that were close to appropriate level were books that had things attached. Which I wasn’t a huge fan of, since I knew her interest was not in the book but in the necklace and the stuffed cat. But, we compromised… at least they were close to the right stage of reading.

And we picked up a handful of Amelia Bedelias.. which are honestly too easy for her on reading level… but are classic enough and relatively close enough to be passable. And, are silly enough that she actually loves them now that she’s started reading them. So at least its something that will reinforce reading as enjoyable even if easy… even as the necklace book and cat book have both been read once and discarded.

Then back to mom’s, for a small cake I’d made because she wanted one with sprinkles… and more drama because my stepdad ate the first bite then was mean when she was upset about it.


All in all, a very disappointing and frustrating birthday experience.

At least I know next year has hope.


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