Move now, or finish school year?

I’m kind of torn at the moment on the decision on timing for the move.


I pretty much know where… my second choice city.

And I pretty much know the place I’m going after for a job… a call center that’s regularly hiring, and has good benefits. Not somewhere I’d wanna be forever, but a doorway for the moment to set up some stability.

And I have it narrowed down to 3 places to live. All apartments, again, not ideal as a permanent thing, but good places for setting up for now.


But the question falls down to when.


I know, its supposed to be better to wait to the end of the school year for a kid… and especially when my kid isn’t very good with changes anyway.

But really? Everyone is trying to move at the end of the school year… and economic things seem to only be getting worse.

I have no doubt at the moment on getting hired there. But will things change in the next 3 months? If business goes down enough, and enough applicants are on the look, it might. 


Also, the top choice of the 3 places currently has one of their 2 bedrooms at its lowest pricing level. Not nearly as likely when a lot of people are shifting around.

Financially, I can pull it off now. It might be a little easier towards waiting, but not enough to be all that significant of a factor. I’d be covered on unemployment until I started the new job either way.

Practically, I know I can pull it off by the end of the month. I still have sorting to do in the garage and basement, but maybe a little motivation factor would help there.


And kiddo has a 4 day weekend coming up that would work well for taking her down there to look around… show her the places… and maybe get things done with testing and interview for the job. (Already located a short term drop-in child care place in town..)


Plus, if we went now, she would be going directly into school and latchkey at the school. Where if we go in the summer, I have to deal with long term summer childcare, which is something I’d much rather judge in person.


So I’ve got a bit of a leaning on practical things towards now. 

I’m just wishing I had a bit more of a nudge of feelings towards it being the right choice.


3 thoughts on “Move now, or finish school year?

  1. tlc4women says:

    How about a compromise and you leave during her Spring Break?

  2. blueraindrop says:

    spring break at her current school is 3 weeks before the break at the new school district. so it would either be back a week, off another week, then back… or off for three weeks.

  3. tlc4women says:

    Well the pro of leaving before school ends is that she’ll have met some kids that she can hang out with over the summer. There probably isn’t a right time to move. It’s going to be hard on her if she has a hard time with changes either way you do it. For me, I’d rather have set up a support system before summer when my kids would be at child care all day.

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