Cheese and the dork

Just a random fastfood service rant… ignore away. lol!


So my mother sends me to pick up arby’s for everyone who was at her house. Namely, a simple order with large numbers of only 3 items, but an order filling 4 bags and nearly $40. 

I give the cashier the order. Food is prepared, and correctly even. 

And then he notices that he forgot to charge for cheese sauce on one of the groups of 5 for 595 sandwiches. The sandwiches have the cheese on them…. the 1.25 charge for adding it to them just wasn’t in the total.

So he has to call the manager over. Because he can’t just sell the cheese upgrade on its own, because it isn’t an option. 

So what does manager do?

3 minutes later he comes up with two options that they can add on that cost 1.35 together and charges me for those and makes me wait the 3 more minutes or so it takes to run the card through their system again to charge me for just the cheese sauce. 

So I ended up paying more and standing around for more than 5 minutes waiting on them, just to fix their own mistake. 

Ya know, considering the size of the order I’d just given them, and that it was something less than precise and packaged like cheese sauce, I really would have thought the better customer service option would have been to let the 1.25 go as their own mistake rather than making it into a major pain for all involved. 

I guess I just wonder sometimes what the point is with some people. Yes, the price is the price… but is it really worth it to make people annoyed with your business over something so trivial that wasn’t caused by their mistake but yours?

Whatever. I’m not the type that will vow off every eating there again. 

But you can be sure it will be come into my thoughts when arby’s is suggested as a possible choice in the near future. Is that the impression you want in your customer’s thoughts when they are deciding which restaurant of the 15 or so in a mile radius to purchase their $40 worth of food?


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