Negativity balance

I find myself not wanting to post much…

not for lack of topics, or the more usual lack of time.

but because I feel like I’m being whiny and negative so much on here. 


i know part of that’s just kinda life right now. things are the most rosy. 

and part of it is probably the bias of the medium. writing ends up being things that don’t get verbalized much in conversations and in-person interactions.. or things i’m trying to deal with… and so ends up being the negative stuff that doesn’t get dumped elsewhere in real life.


but i guess it bugs me a bit that it bugs me. if that makes any sense.

i don’t want to just post positive fluff and such intentionally for the sole purpose of making things more cheerful.

but the process of posting yet another round of grumpiness leaves a bit to be desired on inspiring posting initiative.


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