Random goodies

I’ve been wanting to play around with marshmallow fondant and flooded icing cookies for a while… just for the sake of playing around with them… but haven’t found an excuse to do so. (though came close with the birthday treats)

Well, valentines became my excuse. 


So I made a random  cake… requiring much more effort than random purposeless things are supposed to justify.

i still have quite a bit of spare fondant in all 4 colors i made though… so may have to come up with another excuse soon.

it actually turned out pretty decent… if somewhat lumpier than i’d like. 

(and I really should have cleaned things up BEFORE doing the pics… but um.. well.. I didn’t. ignore the surrounding cooking debris..)

the flash was not being my friend. the hearts aren’t really that shiny. and it cooperated even less on the flooded cookies…

those are not blue… in spite of how they appear. they are actually the same color as the purple hearts on the cake but a touch lighter tone. the other colors are pretty true, but purple apparently decided to be difficult.

this is about the closest i got to realistic tone on the purple. 

Ah well. 

random goodies.


and one good thing about living 2 doors down from family? i can haul them down there and abandon them… knowing it won’t result in me and kiddo going through 50 billion calories of cookies each to get rid of them!


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