Please tell me I did not just do that…

So, a well meaning friend sent me a link to a job they thought I should apply for in city 2.

It really wasn’t close…. I don’t know squat about marketing, and frankly don’t care to. 

But there was another job by the same company… a customer service rep job… but it wasn’t really customers, it was answering questions for their retailers and placing orders for field reps, etc.

The company name was one I recognized easily as one being in the area of city 2… and in the media field… so I applied almost instantly, even given that it was 2am.


I’m not sure why, but I googled the company name and the city… days later.

And to my horror, I discover the company with that name I was thinking of is now under the banner of a different company… and would have been hiring under that name. (Actually, the company I’ve applied to and been declined for like 4 times now.)


And the company I applied to? With the same name but adding “group” at the end?


They manufacture golf bags.

I’m hoping mine isn’t the only stupid cover letter going on about media and music experience that they receive.


But the worst part?

Ya know the marketing job that the friend had originally sent me with the company? 

Well… someone whose online path I’d happened across somehow a week or so ago had a post up about looking for a job with branding and musicians… and the marketing job did specifically mention branding… and i thought it was with musicians… and this person lives in city 2… 

So, I flipped back through my history… refound their page… clicked over to their website from there, and sent an email to the address listed. To someone I’d never had contact with before. And yes, mentioning music. 


They didn’t respond. I’m really kinda hoping its because they thought it was spam since they didn’t know the sender and didn’t even read it.


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