Ok, maybe I like it.

So I was randomly looking around the area of city2 at bunkbed prices at furnature stores… because kiddo has said she wants one… and i need to replace her bedframe when we move anyway… and it might be useful with overnight guests.


so i’m looking at website for various stores, and on one of them i get sidetracked into the bean bag section. 

and couch is another item on the replace list. actually, it has been for over a year… the ones i currently own were on their third home… and got torn up between moving and kid and cats.. and have actually been sitting in the garage for quite some time because the only person who ever used them was the cats, so they were just extra junk to keep cleaning off because they kept getting stuff tossed on them.


so i start thinking… really, how impractical is it to just have a giant bean bag couch in place of a normal one?


i mean, i don’t really like couches. not that i really have anything against other people’s couches… its just, when couch selecting…. i dont like couches. i dont see any couches that just call at me to buy them.

a lot are ugly. a lot are weird. a lot aren’t comfortable. and a lot look like they have the possibility to become one of those three with some active use.


and really… we dont have a whole lot of frequent visitors anyway. and the point to me is our comfort, not being fashionable. 

and the roundness would go with the papasan.

and the system i want to use for shelves someday is very square.. for nice contrast.

and really… how quickly would a stuffy formal conversation relax when youve just made someone sit on a giant bean bag?


so i’m dreaming… and i google the brand. and it leads me to a random youtube of kids jumping on one. which leads me to a video of a brand that looks nicer. suede covers. removable and machine washable. small foam really instead of just tiny beans.

and still dreaming… i look at prices. and really, its about the same as a regular couch. and they can be shipped… so no delivery fees.


so it goes into the someday dreaming pile mostly based on price. maybe someday i’ll fill the living room with a 7 1/2 foot couch-ish sized beanbag, and a couple of 5 ft diameter beanbags for chairs… and make my place look like a random college dorm or bachelor pad more than it tends to sometimes.

but it would probably be at least a year or so.



so i cant sleep tonight… insomnia and congestion… so i’m working on my website.

and while working on my website, i get sidetracked with my backflip files.. and start cleaning those out.

and in moving some things to my amazon wish list, i get sidetracked there.

and there on my amazon list, is the same beanbag. just a different size. from being added to the wants almost 2 years ago.


then, i get back to my backflip.

and there it is… 

a link to the ebay store for the same beanbag, company direct sales.

that i’d added back in early 2006. and the link still worked.

i had totally and completely forgotten ever adding either entry!



the ebay store offers the bean bag couch for just over 200, free shipping.


i’m thinking we may be going bean sooner than i imagined. 🙂


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