Normal? How odd.

I ran across an online article about the places people most want to live if they could move anywhere.


The funniest thing? 

My top choice area was the number 1 answer! 

Which really kinda surprised me… because I would have guessed about 5 other cities as more likely to have popular appeal.

And its really rather unusual to have my thoughts be anywhere near the average on any opinion topic!


On their list of the top choices… 4 were actually on my top ten list. 

It surprised me a bit that my second choice (and most likily) city wasn’t listed. Because, at least with people I know, it tends to be pretty much the top choice. Which is part of what makes me a bit reluctant… I know of too many people going there for the wrong reasons, and fear either being lumped in with them, or actually letting my reasons get pulled to the wrong side.


Though, I did have 2 cities on my top ten list also make their least desired cities list. One I was considering because it’s reasonably close to hear and I have friends there, the other because it was reasonably close to where I went to college and I have friends there. But both had already been eliminated.


3 thoughts on “Normal? How odd.

  1. tlc4women says:

    Okay, but what were the top 10? I want to see if I would pick them.

  2. blueraindrop says:

    their top 5, or my top 10?

    thought id put a link to the article in there… but guess it disappeared on me.

  3. tlc4women says:

    Okay, I get the choice. It’s a fun place to vacation so I’m guessing living there would be good. I like California because of the weather and the fact that we can beach and ski but it’s expensive and taxes are high.

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