Convince me you’re worth $300


It’s 1030 at night.. 25 degrees outside… we’re leaving for more than a week in about 14 hours… and i have half a to-do list still left to do before then.

so what am i doing?

chasing an escaped cat all around the block and trying to coax it out from under cars while my moms cat tries to chase it every time it makes dashes and kiddo keeps yelling and scaring it.


someone might want to remind said cat that i’m about to be paying a pet deposit of more than the cat is worth, and it might want to be on good behavior lest i change my mind on whether or not it makes the move with us.


One thought on “Convince me you’re worth $300

  1. jenn says:

    Animals can drive you insane at times.

    I stopped by to thank you for commenting on my post about single moms. I love that we were all able to come together and brainstorm about what we want/need. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a well thought out comment. And I agree that people need to remember that not all families have two parents. It drives me crazy when people don’t think about these simple things.

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