The 9th door

So, its the middle of the night. I’m awake. I made the last post, checked email, and then decided to check on a “door”.

City2 has been the city of open doors. When nowhere else has had any signs of job doors opening, city2 has had them.

And its a good part of the reassurance its the right city, even with being my second choice initially.

So, within the next week and a half, starting thursday, I was looking for up to 9 specific “doors” of a different type there. Not critical, but a huge help.

In the past, I’ve only found two of these specific doors in city2.. and only one useable. Only about 1 in 3 of these are useable normally from what I’ve found.

Two by two, the doors have come. Until last week, there were 8 useable doors, right where I needed them.

8 was amazing. Better than I had hoped. I could easily work around the 9th.

But this is the city of open doors. I’ve kept looking… expecting the 9th, more for the sake of reassurance than anything else.

And twice, when other doors were opening, door 9 joined them only to be found to be unusable.

I’ve looked daily for door 9 in the past two weeks. Multiple places. Sometimes multiple times a day. Not even a hint had come up. So I figured I can live without it. Plans were made to work around it.

2 am. I don’t know why I checked, but I did. And when I did, I forgot to change one box. A minor box really.

And there was door 9. Sitting there, I’m pretty sure by mistake from someone else forgetting to change the box on the other side.

And its a high quality “door” at that!

I won’t know for sure that its useable until later today, but it looks to be.

Oh, and after the doors started opening? Came the announcement that the doors won’t help anymore. But not starting until April. Just past when my greatest benefit of these doors has passed.

A nice comfort that even when there’s only one, there’s never only one.


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