Accidental bees

It’s possible for one person to drive to city2 in one day, and I’ve done it several times, but it makes for a very long day even when you start before dawn.

So we’d split it into two days.. leaving after kiddo got home from a half day of school. So when we were about 2 1/2 hours from our stopping point, she was getting tired an grumpy, so I agreed to let her watch a movie from a random redbox.

So, most of the kids movies she had already seen. But when we were flipping through the general ones, they had “look who’s talking”. 

Cute talking baby, love story, seemed like a choice she’d like.


Remind me to have watched a movie RECENTLY before letting kiddo watch it.

It started, and she asked “what’s that?”, and of course I couldn’t answer being unable to see it.

Next came the rather detailed fight turned love scene… and then the wincing moment. It wasn’t until I heard the start of “I get around” before suddenly I remembered the sperm scene. 


Um… yeah. So we get past that… and the extended labor scene… and from there it seems to be smooth sailing. She loves the movie… so I think we’re in the clear.


The next morning, she loses a tooth. She calls my stepdad to tell him about the tooth. 

The very next thing out of her mouth is “i watched a movie, and there was a ball, and there were some tadpoles, and one of the tadpoles tried to eat the egg, then the other tadpoles tried to eat the egg, and then the tadpole got stuck, and then there was a baby”


Remember, I’m trying to drive at the time.. 

I can only wonder what he was thinking, and what kind of movie he thought she got to see.


Later on she repeated the same thing to my mom, but at least it was later in the conversation.


I suppose at least it makes explanations easier later on… but still… not quite what i was aiming for in a movie for a first grader to watch.


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