Kentucky tree density

So, the trip to city2 can take one of two paths. Both are very similar, about 3 main highways most of the time, and 3 major cities along each route. The time difference on online maps usually pulls up as about 1/2 an hour of difference, in spite of the fact that the two paths run through very different states about 3 hours away from each other.

This round, we are taking the “up” route to get there, because the first 2/3 is the same route I took back and forth to college so I know it well. The return trip will be by the “down” route, because I haven’t taken it in a long time, and want to consider it with the perspective of driving a moving truck towing a car trailer… I think with the lower rate of speed, it’s likely to be the better route.


Anyway.. the “up” route takes us through kentucky on our way to the south. Usually a very pretty drive.

But along the sides of the highway, I noticed a lot of trees chopped off about halfway up. And it seemed really odd.

My first thought was wondering whether this was by man or nature, and because it was on both sides, only the outside trees, with the tree limbs falling toward the road on each side, I assumed man.

It seriously took me like 15 minutes before I remembered… oh yeah MASSIVE ice storm hit here not that long ago. Ice damage just goes down, its not all in one direction like typical thunderstorm.


But it struck me as kind of interesting how the trees on the outside edges, who had nobody surrounding them on that side to help share the blow, were the ones who lost the most. Good symbolism there.


But wow… its amazing how vast the tree damage was/is.

I know these things are natures way of taking care of itself… and supposed to happen to thin things down on their own.. and is the way god has the system set up.

But it’s still hard not to be sad… to basically mourn for all these trees. A very different feeling from usual during this drive… probably added to because the last time I’d been through here was the same time of year two years back.

I wonder what the area will look like once the leaves are back.


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