I don’t really name things.

I’m not good about naming in general.

In contrast to most females it seems, my cars haven’t had names… unless you count the one that was nicknamed the green monster by some of my friends. (car issues, ended up trading cars with my dad.. from a tempo to a olds that was huge in comparison and painted a pea green that my dad insisted was grey)

So it caught me with a bit of “huh?” the other night when Bri asked me if my gps has a name.

Ya mean other than “the map thing” when referring to it speaking to kiddo?

I’d never thought to give it one. 


But then, I had to turn it on to even remember if it was a male voice or a female voice. (Female, but a rather masculine female really).

I’m blaming it on the fact I haven’t used it since last august on the way home from houston. mostly due to a little issue with the accessory fuse in the car having thrown a fit over letting kiddo run my laptop on the power inverter for quite a bit of time.

but even that’s a bad excuse. the thing can use the wall charger for my cell phone, as well as the usb charger that goes to kiddo’s mp3 player… it just has to charge in advance.

so maybe i should name it “who?”. 


but thats cheating… cuz i just named a webkin “who” the other day on kiddo’s account. because this one hadn’t been earned yet to adopt, but it got into an accident and needed washed so i had to take the tag off, and her big monkey is named boo, so sneaking in a little monkey named who to go with it amused me. (i put it in the room with a bunch of the others and changed the active pet back, so she hasnt noticed yet.. lol)

maybe i’m better off not naming it. i need to focus my naming energies towards suggesting silly names for webbies that aren’t the most obvious trait followed by -ie.


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