Frosted views

So for the first 2 days in city2, it was grey, chilly, and raining off and on.

When we went to the evening services at a new church, you couldn’t help but notice huge windows at the front, facing the east.

I remember distinctly thinking three things.

1. The designers were smart, because the windows didn’t start until about as high as the pastor’s head, so no low objects would be in view outside to distract short attention spans

2. This was probably set up originally for early morning services, when the still rising sun would be shining in on the front and the alter area, and would be very beautiful.

3. There must be another parking lot behind the church, because with all of the trees everywhere here, and showing through the side windows even, its odd that no trees were visible, so the parking lot seemed like the most logical reason.


You see, I assumed that since I was seeing light, I was seeing the actual view outside… namely, the grey sky. 

It wasn’t until darkness set… and the light inside the room got brighter.. almost the end of the service… that i realized the windows were frosted. The glaze on the surface could clearly be seen, where I had assumed what I was seeing was clear and accurate.


I have to wonder how often my views on things are really just glazes, faking me out  with a false gloomy view to block the beautiful reality and filter out some of the light.


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