Knowing vs being able to know

—– Portion of post started after the naming post the other night —–


I’m a mixed fan of my gps.

Well, you might have already guessed that considering I just admitted not using it in nearly 9 months simply because of a popped fuse.


There are sometimes that I really love it.

One way streets. Highways that keep the same number but keep merging and then splitting again requiring you to know which side to stay on. Exits that are on the left when I expect them to be on the right.

And kiddo is always greatly amused at how bad it flips out when I decide to pull off for gas or food that isn’t right at the bottom of the exit ramp.


But the big thing I wonder about with it is that I don’t learn the area.

I listen to the turns, I make the turns, but I don’t have as much focus on the path, on the street names, on my surroundings and landmarks.

I get lazy, trust it to do its thing, and forget the turn as soon as its made.


So I’m a bit mixed about using it in city2. Because, I want to learn the area. I want to know where I’m going without having to have it on for a path I’ve taken three times already. 

I want to know… not just be able to know.

And I do know most of the major highways in the area, and many of the major streets, from previous trips here. 


But I wonder, if I had the gps for those trips, would I know them now? 

That was one of my thoughts in Tulsa back in October. Part of me was kicking myself for not having charged it in the house and brought it along for the trip, using it sparingly to preserve battery, so then it could have directed me to the next hotel, then later to the ER. 

But, if I’d have had it, I would have let it guide me to the hotel without paying attention. I doubt I would have noticed and known of the urgent care place. And had I used it on previous trips, I doubt I would have even had the knowledge of the streets enough to work with the situation in either case.


So its a mixed blessing. Do I just want quick answers? Or is this going to be something I will wish I had paid more attention to later?


But then, don’t I do the same thing in so many areas of my life? I have google, I don’t need to remember it. While my friend who uses mostly a landline has my number memorized, I know her only as speed dial 3 on my cell. If I have my macsword, why do I need to know where it’s at in the hard copy?

And I remember the last time driving through kentucky, two years ago, when I missed a turn and ended up far enough over on the map that I noticed the town where my pen pal from junior high lived. Then surprised myself by remembering her street. Then surprised myself more by finding that when I tried, I remembered actually her entire address, more than 12 years or so since I’d last used it.

And that’s the worth of having it hidden in my heart. It’s there when it’s needed. No searching for it. Just there.


—– updated section—–

ok, so i wrote the above section after the post the other night.. but left it as a draft because i wasn’t sure if thats how i wanted to end it.

you can imagine the amusement the next morning when i went out to the car, turned on the gps, and it decided not to work. 

i called magellan, they can’t do anything remotely, i’m going to have to send it in. so it’s completely out for this trip.

We’re doing ok. Even with it being grey and rainy so harder to judge which direction is which.

I do remember more than I realized. And if I completely get flipped around, I do have my wireless card on my laptop to get to google.

(i suppose I should mention, the most lost I have ever been in my life was during the last visit to city2… where I ended up more than 3 miles off course in the dark, thinking I was jsut on the other side of the mall from where I was supposed to be)


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