Salmon salad

I’ve never been a fan of tuna salad. Or chicken salad. Or most potato salad for that matter.

Mostly I think from not liking lots of mayo or miracle whip. Its ok on a sandwich, but not in large proportion like needed for the “salads”.

Anyway… so I downloaded a thing a few weeks ago with a few recipes listed in it, read over it but mostly ignored it. Then someone mentioned it had a really good idea on salmon salad in it.

I like salmon ok most of the time even though I’m not a big fish fan, so I went back into it.. and it listed mixing a packet of the boneless salmon with half a cup of cottage cheese, and eating it with crackers. Um.. yeah… I can see why I ignored it. lol

Anyway, randomly when I went to the store, I decided to grab some packets of the salmon, figuring it make them into patties or something. And got cottage cheese, because kiddo likes it.

So I was hungry at lunchtime the other day, picked up one of the salmon packets… remembered the recipe and decided to try it.

And found myself amazed that I actually do like it! lol! A bit of a surprise. I totally was not expecting to like it at all. But it works.

So I’ve been doing this most of this week, added mushrooms one day cuz they seemed like they fit.. ate on cucumber “chips” another… Sandwich with tomato added another..

And actually need to go get more salmon packets and cottage cheese now. (The person who’d pointed it out mentioned you can use the tuna packets too.. i’m thinking i may stick with the salmon though for now..)

Totally unexpected twists on thing you thought you knew… gotta love em.


A new funk spell has settled in the past week or two… one i’ve now nicknamed “not-fair-itus”


Yes, I know logically that life isn’t fair because it wasn’t supposed to be. And most times logic can deal with any stray “grass is greener over there” types of thoughts.


But lately…emotion is creeping a bit out of logic’s reach.


It’s hard sometimes. 



Most times I’d be thrilled with a friend of mine finding a new and better job less than three weeks after being laid off. But right now? When I’ve been beating the snot out of every bush I can find trying to chase one down for quite a while? The twinge is there… the touch of emotion that’s totally wanting to act like a three year old and throw a fit over the lack of fairness.


And when the friend, who every time I talk to her tells me of how bad off they are, and makes their situation sound so much worse than mine…  and yet, buys video games, a new laptop when the old computer was old but working and of course a new desk for that, and tells me about spending about 500 of EACH of her 4 kids on school clothes… again, the twinge.


And the one who goes on about how glad she is that school has started, and her plans to get her nails done and get massages and see movies and all of the other daily plans… dropping in a mention of the housekeeper being by 3 times a week in the summer… in a position to never have to work, and enjoying their time with kids in school with no job seeking worries and few budget ones…. 


The friend who complains about lack of free time with kids around in the summer, but who has a weekly date night kid free every week, has another night kid free weekly for a bible study, and has actively involved relatives that watch the kids for every single excuse she comes up with…. so that she’s never had to take them along to really anything, or had to choose not to do things that didn’t have child care available.


The friend who can’t understand why I have a hard time finding a job cuz she’s had several in that time…. of course, married with no kids they have all been part time, low wage, and some during evening hours… none of which could ever support a single parent household at those wages and hours without juggling about 3 of them at once.


And the friend… who makes expensive purchases… but has their parents bail them out repeatedly to make sure they can still do what they want without being constrained by silly money issues from it. vacation is never cancelled.


And when the brother… down to only one working car due to negligence.. who chooses to spend 200 per hour for a party bus for the evening for a birthday… instead of fixing the other car they own… and yet when the one running car breaks down an hour away, gets it towed for him all the way home without him having to pay any of the bill… 





Most times I’m ok with it. 

Most times I know comparison only hurts me, that they have issues too, that most of them clearly aren’t any happier with their outcome, that everyone has to run their own race.

Most times I’m confident with the choices I make, even when I know its the less easy path but the responsible one.


But lately just hasn’t really been one of them in some cases. Not all, but some.

And I know it’s not the right response, and I know its not a good thing to let envy and/or jealousy start festering out of the frustration.


But its definitely a lot harder to remove than it is to identify when it starts feeling like a justified response.



(I really oughta make a category for “whining”)


I like the word weary… it puts a clear label on the feeling. So much better than tired, or frustrated.

Unfortunately, it’s been the word of the week for the past couple of weeks.

Nothing really too new, just more family dramatics… more kiddo at home full time being defiant.. more rejection letters. 


I have two decisions this week regarding city2. On whether to renew the post office box again… and whether to continue adding time on the old cell with a city2 local number. Neither one a particularly expensive decisions, but neither one a good decision to be making while in this mood. but both basically the same decision. to wait, even though ive stopped seeing positive signs? to regroup and take a break? to look at city1 and city3 again? to make a new list entirely? 

5 days till the new school year starts. for the second year since id hoped we’d be more settled before then. 


im kinda hoping after that, and after break from kiddo… that the mood will lift a bit.

This should end well…

So… my mom and stepdad have decided on a company to replace the roofs on both houses, both garages, and the siding on their house.

This company:

  • had spare “installers” going around door to door just a few weeks after a storm, when every other roof place in town has a month or two of work backed up for every worker they can get, and usually uses high school kids or whatever to pass out their flyers
  • only pulls back 2 pages of content on google, most of which is just their website, none of which is any sort of review. rather odd for any company who claims to have been in business for years.
  • claimed to have a local office here in town. googling the address pulls up the local drop in office place, where you pay a fee per month to use office space, then when you show up each time they assign you to whichever cube is open.
  • came by for the second meeting in a vehicle that was not a truck, and not marked in any way, not even one of those magnetic company signs.
  • didn’t have a color pamphlet like all the others that have been left on the door since the storm, just a black and white flyer copied onto thin colored copy paper.
  • has a website, with 4 pages, all saying about the same thing to contact them… but no real info at all. the only links to it are from random pages listing every business of a type in an area.
  • was chosen for two reasons… that the company they chose last time was bad, and because this one told them that they would waive the deductible on both houses if they did both of them, and put signs in both yards… an offer i’m sure any company would have made.

anyone care to place bets on how long till this turns to drama?