Worries and unexpected consequences…

I’m worried. 

You’d think that by this point I would have learned my lesson well on trusting god to provide and have no doubts…. but no. I’m still worried. (Maybe why the lesson keeps going on and on and on..?)


So, in this state, unemployment extensions are not an automated process.

This sucks. Greatly.

Because it means they have to be processed by overwhelmed workers… and while it does backdate to make payments for the expected 4 weeks of backlog in processing…. it still means a 4 week gap in having any income.

And, unfortunately, things just got a ton more complicated for me.


As things were, it’s posted on the website that they are currently processing for a date that’s about a week before mine. So, i should have had roughly 10 more days until seeing the backpayment for the weeks of processing.

However. The extension that I was transitioning onto wasn’t one of the federal tiers… it was a state tier. No real big difference normally, it just comes from a different budget.

And… it requires that you have exhausted the federal tiers first. Not a problem…. normally.


But, the lawmakers just passed a federal extension. And so, in the process, have made me ineligible for the state tier, because I’m now eligible for the new federal extension.

Again, it normally wouldn’t make a difference…. but right now… while my state transition is still in processing…. it makes the world of difference.


Best case scenerio: they approve the state tier because i was eligible as of the time of the transfer, pay the backlog weeks, and keep that going until federal is approved.

Worst case scenerio: the state tier is rejected entirely, because i am now eligible for federal, thus meaning they wont pay the back weeks, plus, another 4 week gap (or more… from all the other now eligible people) before the federal tier will be processed. A total of 8 weeks without income…. stretching until nearly Christmas, and only 4 of it to be paid eventually.

Most likily scenerio: the state will be approved, but only for the 2 weeks prior to this past week when the law changed, followed by the 4 or more week wait for federal approval…. which wont start until 10 days from now when the state is rejected, thus meaning a 2 week space not covered by either.


I know they meant well with the change. and i suppose it is a good thing for most people. but for me, right now…. this is really not a good change. it’s really really bad timing.

a 4 week gap i could handle… but not without some stretching already. i am totally and completely not prepared to handle another one immediately … with or without 2 weeks worth of backpayment to split them.

what happens if i have to? a giant mess, probably taking much longer than 4 weeks to clean up…. especially if it goes worst case.


sigh. but there really isn’t much i can do about it beyond prayer. what’s gonna happen is gonna happen either way.


oh, and did i mention that my car picked the middle of this to start acting up? and not only that, but the computer isn’t recording the computer code so that my brother can just scan it with his system and find out precisely what the issue is.


in good news though…. by a good sized miracle, i managed to get a z h u  z h u  pet (spaces to distract google) for boo for christmas… at walmart!  not that walmart is that great of a place.. or an unlikely place for a toy… but these things are already next to impossible to find…. so getting one at walmart means i paid 8 bucks for it directly… vs the 35 that they are ending up currently on ebay.. or worse on amazon or craigslist… a number thats sure to go up in the next month as more people get looking for them. i’d actually been fighting with the walmart website trying to get one and it kept only staying in stock for 2 minutes at a time and kicking it out of stock before i could confirm order.

this thing is basically a robotic stuffed hamster.. about the size of one… it has sensors to be able to tell where it’s at and interact appropriately, plus furby-type interaction with kids. well worth the 8 bucks… not so much the 35… nor would i have gotten it for her at 35. but 8, i can handle.

though… currently… i’m eyeing the thing with a price tag on its head. we get into worst case scenerio, and the price on these guys rises more… and we just may be having a hamsterless Christmas around here.