Used books whining

What I wish.. on the topic of books… is that someone would buy out one of the large independent Christian bookstores (that still carry older books too, unlike some of the chains)… and turn it into a library.

Our library frustrates me. Their christian section hasn’t been purchased for since the early ‘80s by the looks of it. They do have some good older books, but a lot of times when you do find something listed, its status is listed as lost years earlier.

And they have a used book sale of donated books each year that I used to get a lot of good books from, but now they only accept books published in the last 10 years. That perfectly good book from 1999? Nope. No CS Lewis or other classics… for that matter, even most modern authors only have 2 or 3 books that recent.

I’m not someone who holds on to many books compared to how many pass through my hands. I do keep some, the ones that I know I will find myself wanting to read through again enough to probably buy it again if I didn’t keep it.

But the random good books usually get passed along their way to someone specific that I feel like needs it and continue on its helpful journey. And the not so great ones get sent out via various means to try to find someone who will like them more than I do. Ok and I’ll admit… occasionally some really bad ones get put out of their misery.

But sources of really good, inexpensive, used christian books to start with are getting harder and harder to find. Even online.

Paperbackswap and bookmooch have both gotten to the point where they just frustrate me. Both are at the point where their selection is roughly anything that walmart carries. Nobody seems to list the books I am waitlisted on, even when they are relatively common. Seriously, not a single beth moore book listed available on either site when I looked a while back hoping for finding one in particular and couldn’t remember the title. Only one by brennan manning. Nor does anyone seem to want the ones that I list, even when seemingly popular authors elsewhere. I’ve purchased credits before on paperbackswap to get past this last one, but even that doesn’t help a lack of books I want and non-moving waitlists.

Ebay it seems like most of the ones I try are frequently in a lot of 10 other books I don’t really want, but with a price higher than the price of buying the one book that I do want new. I still try here, but its actually been a long time since I’ve actually gotten a book from ebay. and amazon are better… when they have good sellers and have the book in stock. These are the two I’ve been using the most lately, even though shipping makes all books about $5 minimum. But still its at the mercy of people listing them… and i’ve lost count of how many books I get repeated notices of someone listing from my wishlist only to see that they have listed it for more than twice the price of buying it new. There is one cookbook that you can literally buy direct from a site associated with the author for 20, that some goof keeps listing at 90.


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