Fearless by Max Lucado

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Ok.. anyway… Fearless.

Fearless is an interesting book that I received from Thomas Nelson for reviewing the book. Each chapter takes a common fear, and addresses it.

You know those little verse lists that go “if you are feeling (x) then read verses (y) and (z)”?  It reminded me of one of those, but more fleshed out, and specifically related to worries.

Which was sort of where it seemed a bit less than it’s description had set me up to expect. A whole lot of these “fears” would much more accurately be labeled “worries” to me. They are more nagging concerns, and less trembling sources of near terror.

The advice is good, as far as advice for worries goes. Most involve pointing to biblical examples of God’s provision over related circumstances.

But imagining life without fear is a big of a leap for a subtitle to me. And if your fears are of the type that defies any sort of rational logic and falls more into the unbased emotional response sort where you already know logically that its nothing to fear but do anyway, then it’s not quite the book you are expecting given the descriptions.

Good book for battling worry and nagging concerns, but maybe a bit overstated on true fear.

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