So this is it.

The two remaining applications for programs for next year have been submitted.

Everything that I have any semblance of control over is done. Which is making me feel really helpless… in spite of knowing that this entire process would be doomed if it were running by my ability anyway so getting me out of the way ought to actually help things.

Whether or not I’m even in consideration for either program comes down to whether or not they choose to factor my older unrelated classes into the gpa calculations or not.

Had I been applying for the nursing programs around here, they have a written policy that anything that old isn’t taken into account. But neither department in my case does.

So it’s entirely a matter of how they choose to look at things and how much weight to put on various factors on a case by case basis.

None of my classes this semester ended up issuing mid-term grades, so the newer grades are entirely on last semester. When I had a 4.0, so there’s not any way that I could have done anything better there. Which somehow just makes me worry more about the essays instead of being relieved.

Either way…. what’s to happen is in motion.

Wish I could say that after the various signs and successes of the past year that I’m just totally filled with faith and optimism.

I suppose I do have faith that whatever the outcome will be, it’s the outcome that it’s supposed to be.

I guess I just wish I had more in the area of being confident of that outcome being positive, rather than preparing to accept the negative as being what must be supposed to happen.

Maybe the one relief…. like the previous program, both of these programs will be doing interviews in the next month for those who make it into the next round of consideration.

So while I may not get a formal rejection, acceptance, or wait listing for a couple of months still, at least if the gpa question takes me out of the running, I should have a clue before the end of April.

Now just for calming nerves and continuing prayer until then.

Sorry about some of the feeds….

Apparently I accidentally set off a whole bunch of old posts being sent out to one of the two feeds for this site accidentally last night. Sorry about that!

I’m in the process of trying to regroup a bit on design with the categories, and trying to keep the books from overrunning the place… and in my messing with things I combined a few smaller categories together.

Apparently a change in category is enough to trigger attention as a new post for one of the feeds…. which I wasn’t aware would be an issue.

Will have to try to find some sort of way around it better before trying again on messing with trying to sort things more.

The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley

The Principle of the Path by Andy Stanley is the latest book I’ve received from Thomas Nelson for reviewing it.

The book is based mostly on a comparison of our lives as a road or path, with our current situations and the more desired situations as destinations on that path.

The reason we are where we are, lost or otherwise, is because we chose that particular road, and that is where that road led. It would have led anyone else to the same place had they also selected that road, and looking backwards you can see how the steps along that road led where they did.

But being lost is not a problem to be fixed with a solution, its a matter of changing direction to take a different path that leads to somewhere else. It’s this direction that matters, not our intentions, and this direction is often set by where our attention is focused.

The book goes into many different aspects of this, from ways to tell a road is the wrong one before you’ve taken it (such as if it’s against God’s principles), learning to get maps from people who are or have been where you want to be instead of those who are in the same place of life that you are, and dealing with situations where the destination you desire to reach just isn’t going to be reachable.

I really liked the book. While it’s message isn’t anything earth-shatterningly new and the author himself even mentions this occasionally, it’s a good perspective check.

It’s also very applicable no matter what the particular road you find yourself stuck on. Whether it’s considering whether your next purchase is a step along the road to bankruptcy or towards financial freedom, or next meal is towards the path to healthy or the path toward medical issues, or less black and white goals such as relationships, the principle works the same.

Thomas Nelson page

Amazon page


Adventures with gloppy green goop

So. It’s spring.

Around here that can only mean one thing… time for my annual post about how warm temps give me a restlessness to do something to my hair.

So yes, this is a rambling post about my hair with no real point!

And yes its probably a long one.

But this year we have a twist!

Yes, I actually did something this time! LOL

recapping previous years posts:
– hair is dark brown, reddish tones to it that usually only come out in bright sunlight or at the end of the summer when I’ve been outside enough.
– Love long hair, but being a low maintenance person I’d much prefer the effort of short hair
– especially because mine has enough curl to just scrunch and go when short, but the longer it gets, the more the waves stretch out and become too curly to just brush out as straight without tons of frizz but not wavy enough to just put product in it and scrunch anymore

So every year about this time, I get the urge to chop it back short. And in the process of talking myself out of that urge, get the urge to change color.

And I’m feeling especially brave this year… so not only did I actually do something about it this year… but, i’m actually going to put up pics for anyone still actually reading this far down!

Hey, this is brave for me anyway. lol

So, here’s what I’m talking about.

This was towards the end of summer… bit of reddish tint showing in it even inside, and at shoulder length its still short enough to be mostly wavy with just scrunching in some mousse and calling it good. Normally when I’d cut it short it would be just below chin length, so a bit shorter than here. (Yeah, its a weird pic angle.. was a random pic, but shows what I mean on the hair better than most of the others)

And… here’s before the current changes.

Not the best for showing the semi-waves, but yes, its much longer… mostly waist length at the lowest middle sections. and nowhere near as wavy. and brown.

But it’s not just a flat brown… it does still have some variation in it… especially in the sun. (this was sort of indirect sun outside on the porch midmorning, no products in…)

So, I didn’t really want to just dye it and have it look more of a flat tone but in a different color… or put in color weave to try and recreate the different tones.

Nor do I really feel like messing with roots constantly from too big of a change.

But I did still want to bring out the reddish tones more as a general thing, not just a short term sun bleaching thing in the summer.

So I’ve played around with various glosses and such before that coat the hair rather than completely changing the color, with mixed results. But even the best ones still wear off rather soon.

But I’d heard about using henna on hair. It’s the same plant and same sort of idea as using henna on skin as a temporary body art… but with a slightly different mix… and because hair doesn’t shed cells like skin does, it has a basically permanent coloring instead of being temporary.

Thus a good part of my hesitation. Because it actually transfers molecules to the hair, its known for being really really hard to color over if you don’t like how it turns out. And because it’s just tinting your current color, it tends to be a bit unpredictable as to exactly what that tint will be.

We’ve gone a while since a pic, so here’s a pic of my adorable kitty in a box. LOL

So I’d been reading about it off and on, and earlier this year discovered a site that discussed doing mixes on henna with another plant called cassia. Cassia is fairly similar as far as the process to apply it goes, and has the same sort of added strenth and shine to the hair that henna does, but cassia has a very soft yellow color that really only shows on pale blond hair.

So if you use it alone, you get just the conditioning effects, but it you mix it with the henna, then you get a not quite as strong effect from the henna.

Which sounded like exactly what I was going for. A bit more reddish, but not quite the full on red.

And so I ordered both the cassia and the henna.

And I tried the cassia on its own first.

And I am very glad I did, otherwise my entire bathroom would be dyed orange right now! All of the online instructions for henna make it sound a ton more easy than it is.

Henna and cassia is nowhere near as simple as just squirting on a bottle of gloss. The mix you want is thicker, like the consistency of yogurt or pancake batter… but it’s totally and completely a different ballgame.

This is basically a game of turn your head into a giant army green mudpie and mush it all around.

Which might be a whole lot easier when you don’t have quite as much hair. Or maybe when your helper is a toddler recently experienced with mudpies. I totally need to borrow a toddler to help with this.

This is the gloop as I was putting some of it into a ziplock, as I also discovered their estimated amounts you will need for each length are way way off, and I used less than half of the recommended amount that I’d prepared for the cassia alone attempt. No, there are no pics of my head and the entire bathroom covered in this gloop, as there was no way I’d let my camera in the middle of that mess. It was everywhere!

So you let that sit, and it darkens to a deeper brown. Which makes it look a lot like… well… lets just say cleaning the bathroom was a priority.

And then you rinse it out. Which again, seems fairly standard.

Until you stop to realize this is mud, not just a thick liquid. And at this point, your hair is basically a huge dreadlock.

And it rinses out about like trying to rinse out mud. The instructions said to let water run through it until it ran clear, then work conditioner through it, rinse that out then wash and condition as usual.

Reality… hot water ran out long before I could even get my fingers through this tangled still somewhat gritty mess. So I turned the water off to let it regroup… dumped on gobs and gobs of conditioner, and grabbed my daughter’s tangle teezer that happened to be in the bathroom.

Now, tangle teezers are pretty much a miracle brush. They can take on anything without ripping through the hair or damaging it, and are the only hairbrush or comb my daughter will allow through her hair without a fight. And this mess was a challenge even for it! It’s the first time I think I’ve ever had to go inch by inch with a teezer the way I’d have to do with very fine tooth comb normally.

But eventually it made it through it. My daughter having her own teezer may have been worth it just for this accomplishment alone. (And boy am I glad that they rinse clean with running water… LOL)

From there it didn’t go too badly to get it the rest of the way out.

And it did make my hair feel softer and look shiny, even though I think it actually made it behave a bit more flighty.

And so… having survived this. And having over half of the cassia mix left over. And reading that cassia builds up more over repeated applications…

Yes, I’m crazy. I did it again a few days later. And it went better, I think because I knew what to expect.

But… cassia doesn’t stain when it gets all over the place. Henna can.

And so it was a couple weeks later… when finally…. over spring break… either boredom or restlessness got the better of me. And I finally got brave enough to make a mix of 50 henna to 250 of cassia.

And I did it! LOL

And even with the previous experiences, it got all over the place, and at several points I was worried I’d have an orangish arm/chin/eyebrow/everywhere for quite a while… but amazingly it faded off and doesn’t show anywhere but the hair where it was supposed to be.

And now… it’s more pic time finally!

(First, a disclaimer. Henna oxidizes and darkens a bit over the first few days. So the end result will be less bright.)

(Disclaimer #2.. after the whole event, I didn’t put product in afterwards because I wanted to see how it turned out… so hair is a bit all over the place in these… lol)

first off…. inside lighting..

not too much of a difference to me inside honestly. touch redder, but still basically brown.

but when you go out to the porch….

auburn! yay! pretty much what i was aiming at for outdoors!

after vs just before.. not sure how much the change in lighting with time effected these, but neither have product in

same variation in tones, but redder.

(the before was earlier the same morning… so it was technically after cassia, but before henna)

and then out in the direct sun…


honestly a bit redder in the direct sun than i was aiming for… so will see what it looks like in a few days when its done oxidizing..

and back in the bathroom with early evening sunlight through the window

Ok.. so that oughta kill that urge for this year! LOL

May update in a few days depending on how dramatic the darkening is. But definitely with anti-friz stuff in at least 🙂

Awakening by Stovall Weems

Awakening by Stovall Weems is the latest book I’ve received from Waterbrook Multnomah for reviewing the book, and is another book by a pastor of a church attempting to take something that has worked well for his church and adapt it for widespread use by explaining it in book form. Weems isn’t particularly pushy about this fact however, and for most of the book the main mentions of his congregation’s experiences are the stories of changed lives that end each chapter.

The book started off a bit heavy handed… making statements that we shouldn’t have mountaintop experiences because we should always be working to keep things fresh and new with our relationship with God, and that if you didn’t believe that then you shouldn’t be reading the book. While yes he has a point that we should be constantly aiming at improvement, the way some of these statements are made so dramatically sort of makes me wonder if he’s chasing off some who would agree with him if they’d kept reading further past the initial dramatic and sometimes harsh tones decrease.

The book is about awakening in general, and the first few chapters go over various elements such as passion. But really most of the book tends towards the fasting element.

This is approached from various angles, including focus on fasting under the new covenant being about connecting more into alignment with God’s will than about trying to change God’s mind about something, Jesus using “when” not “if” when discussing fasting, and even going into physical benefits and discussion of various different types of fasts.

The latter portion of the book is a sort of devotional section with a section for each day of a 21 day fast, including a quote, some thoughts, a suggested scripture reading for the day, and a plan for reading through the first part of the book over the 21 days.

It’s a nice overview book on fasting, and a good read. Though, I’m not sure if someone picking it up looking for awakening in general without already being someone who believed in fasting would be as convinced.

Read the first chapter online

Waterbrook Multnomah site for the book


Eat Your Peas for Mom by Cheryl Karpen

Eat Your Peas for Mom by Cheryl Karpen is a cute little gift book and ebook, which I received as an ebook from Thomas Nelson for reviewing.

Each page has cute drawings and sketch type graphics, surrounding a message to a mom.

These messages really tend to be addressed to a mother of grown or very nearly grown children though. They aren’t really advice type messages or wisdom things though, in spite of the title and the previous book that I’ve read in the series… instead, most of them are some variation of thank you for being my mom, I’m sorry for the trouble I gave you, or you were a good mom.

Very much geared towards the past, rather than towards a mom still actively raising the child.

If you are an adult looking for a mother’s day gift or a birthday present, this would be a cute gift of appreciation to give her. But, it may not seem very relevant in most other situations.

If you are looking for something more towards the “simple truths and happy insights” mentioned on the cover, I’d actually recommend the other book I’ve read from the series, Eat Your Peas Faithfully, by the same author.

Thomas Nelson page

Amazon page

Eat Your Peas, Faithfully by Cheryl Karpen

Eat Your Peas, Faithfully is a cute little book or ebook that I recently received as an ebook from Thomas Nelson for reviewing the book.

The book is a short collection of bits of wisdom on one page with artwork, then a short paragraph of elaboration and a verse on the next page or two.

In spite of the title, most of these aren’t the sort of practical advice on things like diet, but much more based on spiritual and emotional things.

It would actually make a really good book for short devotional times for when you don’t have a whole lot of time but need to regroup and refocus.

The artwork pages are pretty… as I was reading using an app on my phone rather than an ebook reader, I found myself wondering if it was possible to set some of them as my phone’s wallpaper even. (I didn’t find anything on that… lol)

It didn’t say anything specific that I saw for this version of the book, but by the art and contents I’d probably say its a lot more aimed towards women than men.

Thomas Nelson page Product Page