So this is it.

The two remaining applications for programs for next year have been submitted.

Everything that I have any semblance of control over is done. Which is making me feel really helpless… in spite of knowing that this entire process would be doomed if it were running by my ability anyway so getting me out of the way ought to actually help things.

Whether or not I’m even in consideration for either program comes down to whether or not they choose to factor my older unrelated classes into the gpa calculations or not.

Had I been applying for the nursing programs around here, they have a written policy that anything that old isn’t taken into account. But neither department in my case does.

So it’s entirely a matter of how they choose to look at things and how much weight to put on various factors on a case by case basis.

None of my classes this semester ended up issuing mid-term grades, so the newer grades are entirely on last semester. When I had a 4.0, so there’s not any way that I could have done anything better there. Which somehow just makes me worry more about the essays instead of being relieved.

Either way…. what’s to happen is in motion.

Wish I could say that after the various signs and successes of the past year that I’m just totally filled with faith and optimism.

I suppose I do have faith that whatever the outcome will be, it’s the outcome that it’s supposed to be.

I guess I just wish I had more in the area of being confident of that outcome being positive, rather than preparing to accept the negative as being what must be supposed to happen.

Maybe the one relief…. like the previous program, both of these programs will be doing interviews in the next month for those who make it into the next round of consideration.

So while I may not get a formal rejection, acceptance, or wait listing for a couple of months still, at least if the gpa question takes me out of the running, I should have a clue before the end of April.

Now just for calming nerves and continuing prayer until then.

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