Jolt by Phil Cooke


Jolt by Phil Cooke is the latest book I’ve received from Thomas Nelson for reviewing it. But I think it may not have been the best choice.

The information on the book sounded good, with all of the changes happening learning to harness it to my benefit could only be helpful.

But this just wasn’t really up my alley in styles. To me it came off with the entire first chapter seeming as hyped as an infomercial… complete with crazy distractions including text being set at odd angles, random tire mark looking decorations behind headlines, and random quotes being set in at random places without ever being connected with the other content around them.

From there it mellowed out on the hype and gimmicky style and basically flipped into motivational speaker fodder. If you are one of those people who likes motivational speakers and those inspirational trait posters, this might be just what you are looking for.

Especially if you are into business. The information about the book barely mentioned anything about business, instead saying it applied to “your life”, but there’s a lot of sections that go off into business applications but then only briefly mention “oh and this could apply to your life too” without ever going into exactly how, or why they didn’t just focus on that part in the first place. Well, unless you are hosting regular, hour long, off-site, brainstorming sessions with a team of people small enough to be fed with 2 pizzas for managing your daily life?

For the rest of us, well, honestly I think I learned and remembered more just re-reading the table of contents titles and subtitles and flipping through glancing at the bold and headlines to refresh my memory before writing this than I did actually reading through it.

It sounded good from the initial descriptions… but just really was not what I was looking for.

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