Two down, one is late

One of the two letters have arrived.

And the top choice in programs for next year has rejected me.

So that leaves only the program that was my third choice… who was also supposed to send letters this week, but which haven’t arrived yet.

Maybe it’s best I don’t know before finals week if the past year has been for nothing anyway.

I suppose “nothing” is a big word. I know there are some positive growth things that have come of it either way… and I still feel like this is what I was supposed to do, even if it doesn’t end up leading anywhere further after this.

Wish I had more of that same on what plan B is if the result is no though.

Either way… I’ve done what I can do.

Left with me and the trio again. Waiting, Hoping, Praying.

Trying to evict the twins of fear and worry. They never seem to help much.


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