Cleaning up

So depending on which feed you are on between the wordpress one or the one imported from the older site, things may have been going bonkers on your feed again today.

I’m doing some cleaning up of the categories and such, which has some of them merging together, and so has involved about 1/2 of the entries changing category, which is enough for one of the feeds to pick it up as a change and send it out again. Why? No idea. The other feed doesn’t.

But, since I suspected it might after my testing things a while back, I’m attempting to get everything changed over today and tomorrow… so that one quick “mark all as read” will take care of clearing things back out of your reader.

Sorry for the annoyance.. but hopefully this will be the only time for quite a while.

For those who actually go to the main blog page rather than subscribe, I’ve made some changes there too. A new landing page that will develop more soon, categories moved to menu items across the top so easier to sort out books and such from the rest… and a few changes in the layout of items in the sidebar. Nothing too earth shattering… but maybe help things be more simple and obvious, and less obnoxious than having to dig if you are looking for something in particular.


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