There are no book 5’s

As a Christian from a non-religious family, it sometimes gives me a touch of amusement, and note of differences time makes, when religious things come up slightly off.

My favorite one is usually when one particular family member brought a tiny print king james version bible into my room and complained that they couldn’t find genesis and asked if I had a newer one that had it.

The other day, someone told me they were positive a particular verse was in 5th corinthians.

I think I’m glad there’s only two corinthians books. 5 would totally get confusing on which was which.

Though, I did know what chapter of first corinthians the part of a verse was actually from to get it for them. (And no, it wasn’t 5.)

Sometimes I forget… how much I didn’t know… and how time changes.


One thought on “There are no book 5’s

  1. tlc4women says:

    We’ve been talking about this in our church leadership meetings. I made the comment that we assume everyone seating in the sanctuary on Sunday is somewhat familiar with popular bible verses. Only there was a time when I wasn’t. When the pastor or bible study leader would say, “You all know the story of…”, and I would think but never say, “No, no I don’t know that story.” So yeah, this could have been me 25 years ago. Only, I knew where the index was so that was somewhat of a help!

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