Expensive lemons?

My family has decided to do estate sales the next two weekends at the two different locations of my grandmother’s property.

My mom is to be helping run them, but because I’ll be at the work program in the mornings, she will have kiddo along.

So I joked that I would bake some cookies and make a pitcher of lemonade and the cute kid selling refreshments might make more money than the rest of the sale.

To which kiddo started jumping up and down, and so this is now the plan to keep her busy.

So she’s been totally hyped about this.

This evening when the topic came up, she told us more of her ideas for her lemonade stand.

Starting with the fact that she plans to charge them 10 cents if they want a plastic cup they can take with them, and 50 cents if they want ice! In addition to the $1.50 she expects to charge per glass of lemonade!

We laughed as we tried to explain that she needs to have one set price, the ice needs to be included when its over 90 degrees outside and it means less lemonade in the cup anyway, and that they aren’t going to pay $1.50 when the gas station a few blocks down sells huge drinks for 59 cents in the summer.

She was clearly disappointed with the suggested price of 50 cents.

Later as she was going through my mom’s cabinets looking for the cute koolaid man pitcher, she found the sun tea jar, and it was decided she could set it out at her table and offer sun tea too. She promptly decided she should charge more for tea since more adults would buy it and they have more money than kids.

I have no clue where she picked up this stuff… but I have to admit… she’s running up the right alley for business mindset. Next thing you know she’s going to be charging them a fuel surplus for the trip to get supplies…. and will have herself a nice career in airline management someday!


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