Icebreakers and team things

Icebreakers and other such team building games are a pet peeve of mine.

So annoying… and so pointless.

No, knowing three things about me isn’t actually going to make us any closer or any better acquainted. Especially when they usually tend to be trivial things like “I have a cat.”.

I’m always so tempted to completely start making things up, and see how long it takes until someone actually really gets to know me and realizes I’m not a hang gliding expert from Alaska who speaks French and has 7 kids.

But the sad thing is that in most of the cases where the people in charge decide that an icebreaker game is needed…. it’s really unlikely that anyone ever would get to know me enough to be able to say for sure.

And yes, falling backwards and relying on other people to catch you will produce an emotional experience that resembles trust. But no, it’s not going to suddenly make me trust you… and if there is so little trust there that it requires me falling backwards to prove there is anything at all, good luck with gaining it.

Can we just skip to the point already and get to know each other in an actual authentic way as things go on?


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