The other future

There’s a girl in my class at the work program.

We were both waiting for the instructor to get some paperwork from her office.

As the instructor left, she said something to the effect of “wish my husband would tell me I can’t work!”.

As she went out of earshot, the girl said softly that she’d think differently after the first week of beatings instead.

I found myself realizing that the rough place she’s in now with three kids and not having any experience in the last 8 years could have been where I’d ended up as well if I hadn’t left when I did.

Felt like giving her a hug, but it didn’t seem appropriate… and then the instructor was back and things moved on.

But just gave a perspective check. Things could definitely have been worse.


One thought on “The other future

  1. tlc4women says:

    I love when God gives glimpses of what could have been.

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