The weekend in the middle of finals week my mom went out of town for the weekend.

This was not the best news for kid distraction free study time, especially when my physics final was immediately after the weekend.

So I got desperate… and activated a netflix free trial that kiddo can use streaming to the tv over her wii…. which i have hooked up to the wi-fi network but requiring a code from me for it to connect each time.

And she loved it. Watched tons of movies over the weekend, and various tv shows… and even a lot of documentaries on butterflies and reefs and such.

We don’t have cable, and the tv that my brother gave us for her wii for christmas isn’t even set up with an antenna… so she’s not used to options.

But now… she wants to keep it. Even offered to earn allowance to pay for half of the fee each month.

Which would only be a total of 4 bucks a month… but still… her completion of chore to earn allowance seems to be really hit or miss.

Will it actually inspire her to get chores done? Or will it just give her something else to use to procrastinate? Or will it wear off being “new” in the first month and be ignored forever afterwards?

I’m not sure if this is a bet worth taking, or a trap to be paying $8 a month for something she either never uses but won’t let me cancel, or uses too much and means she isn’t getting other things done. Either one has a fair shot of happening.


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