City1 possibilities

So there’s been a lot said here about city2 and possibilities there. But not much about city1, of city3 for that matter.

Of the many places that were on my list of interest, these cities were my top 3 choices… but only the second highest ever really got much of a response.

Until now.

I have an interview in 2 weeks in City1… about 3 hour drive from here.

Almost identical job to the one I was doing way back when, before the first layoff back in 2006.

Except it’s first shift, no weekends, and pays $4 an hour more.

I have several certifications needed from the other job, which should give an advantage. Plus how close this job is to the other one.

But it will mean figuring out how in the world to pull off moving at this point… long after I’d pretty much written off moving as being a financial impossibility.

So my feelings are a bit mixed.

Though it will be nice to get out of town for the day to go for the interview. 🙂


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