Summer of perpetual camp

The bad thing about the timing on the job program is that boo is now out of school. And so needing daycare.

Fortunately the state childcare program recognizes the program as a valid reason… so that takes care of the vast majority of the cost.

But this still means starting a new daycare… And our luck hasn’t been the best in the past.

And so, I decided to try something different.

Since the ymca has a childcare program for little kids, they are authorized for kids on the state program. But, during the summer, in an unrelated program, they have about 6 different camps that they run. After several emails and calls to people, I managed to figure out that basically care is care and payment is payment.

So instead of going to daycare, boo is going to camp this week.

And then the same camp with a different theme next week.

This one is partially indoor at their various gyms and such for all things they are set up for, part outdoor including their water parks and sports fields, and part field trips to other places.

And then their sports training camp, where they work on the sport lead by the coaches and players from one of the local colleges in the mornings then have regular camp activities in the afternoon, for basketball the next week, then volleyball the next. And then soccer the next, because she wanted to even though she has only played in gym class before.

And then back to the other camp again for up to two weeks depending on how things are going on the job/job search at the time.

In theory, this sounds perfect!

Much more exciting and hands-on active things and creative things going on for an ADHD kid to not get anywhere near as bored and drive daycare providers nuts. Lots of kids in her own age group instead of mostly younger kids at daycare. And not as much time driving grandma nuts lol.

Both of the camps start at 8 and end at 4 as far as the official activities go, but both have things going on for them to do all the way from 630am to 6pm to give parents a window of time for pickup and dropoff… so that ought to work with just about any day shift job schedule I get going.

And where we already had the membership for this year for her basketball and volleyball teams, the fees are actually about $10 cheaper than I was paying previously for daycare for her in the summer at the childcare place where she was always bored and hated going.

Had I been more on top of things, they also have a pure outdoor classic style camp thats at a lake property outside of town with canoeing and zip lines and stuff, and an arts camp, but both of those were filled on the weeks we looked at (the non-sports camp weeks).

So I’m really hoping this works out as great of an idea as it’s sounding at the moment. A summer of constant camp fun instead of a summer of bored open-play time and activities aimed at younger kids.


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