Weekend lists

Boo’s Weekend To-Do List:

  • Pick up laundry in room
  • Pick up toys in room
  • Pick up trash in room

Mommy’s Weekend To-Do List:

  • Mow lawn that’s above ankle deep in the back
  • Call tech support again over mom’s internet
  • Clean Boo’s messes in the living room that was totally clean last weekend
  • Pick up Boo’s messes in the bathroom
  • Clean kitchen, including Boo’s messes on the table and in the fridge
  • Clean litter box for Boo’s cats
  • Clean up messes made by Boo’s cats
  • Do the laundry, part of which is Boo’s, including a ton if she ever gets it out of her room
  • Spend 3 hours taking Boo to 2 different volleyball games
  • Cook meals for Boo, the majority of which Boo won’t even eat
  • Search job ads for job to support Boo

And somehow my mother acts like I’m just the most evil mean awful mom ever for not being overjoyed at the request to do Boo’s list for her too.


One thought on “Weekend lists

  1. tlc4women says:

    Grandmother’s tend to forget that these were unreasonable demands when they themselves were mothers. Tell her she is more than welcome to come and help Boo each day with her chores. It may get old quickly.

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