Name question

So the interview for the job in city1 was yesterday.

It went ok… not horrible, but not the best either.

But the odd part? I found myself babbling.

Yes, I know, this is normal for some people, but its not for me. I’m an introvert, and not the best at verbal things… my words are usually overly few rather than overly many.

But I found myself going “ok, shut up already! why are you still talking?” mentally and babbling right on anyway.

This was especially amusing right at the start.

My resume has both my legal first name and my most commonly used nickname (a variation of the same first name) across the top… because otherwise some of the references they might talk with would only know one or the other and take a minute to make the connection if asked about the name they arent as familiar with.

So, very simply, the man asked me which I preferred to go by.

He got about a two minute answer… babbling on about how either one was fine, but I usually used the nickname casually, but that the legal name was required on some things, and the nickname was easier for most people to pronounce, although just as likely or more likely to be misspelled if they were writing it down from my having told them my name… etc.

Yes. It was that bad. Poor guy probably regretted asking within 5 seconds.

I wonder if I’m the only person they interviewed that failed the “What is your name?” question.


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