Hit lists and prayer

Remember this post?



Well, yeah.

Somehow I just knew the minute I’d admitted it was something I found myself fearing was the minute it jumped to the top 3 items on the hit list.

I’ve kind of noticed since then that sometimes I think I shy away from praying about certain things for the same reason. It’s like I know the minute I actually put it into words and acknowledge it, I’ve tossed it onto the target list. So sometimes the most tender things that probably should be discussed but that I know won’t have the best chances for surviving an attack stay locked within.

Probably not a good thing.

In this case with the car, it turned out ok. Starter had gone out, which I’d actually just replaced less than a year ago right after student loans, so it was covered except $100. Though the other car issue remains an issue.

And the laptop has had the old problem fixed, only to now develop a new one where the fan is acting up. Something I can do myself, but need to buy the part. And so, until then, it’s giving me about 20-30 minutes at a time until the temp gets too high and it shuts itself off to cool down.

This does not bode well for blogging right now…. so things may be even more random on timing than usual around here for a while.




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