So I didn’t get the job in City1.

Found out I was one of only 14 they interviewed out of over 100 applications… but, unfortunately, that doesn’t really help me much.

And so the state program goes on.

The previous class on job searching ended.

Which was followed by a week class that drove me nuts… basically on power of positive thinking types of things.

Sadly enough, this was the class that really got to my nerves.

You can put up quotes about “Those who refuse to settle for anything but the best very often get it”… but in this job market? Does that really have anything to do with anything?

Refusing to settle for anything but the best in this market isn’t going to get you anywhere. I can’t even get hired at minimum wage jobs right now… and you are talking to me about “best”?

Yes yes… I know… the point is to look up and not discount yourself and write yourself off. But doing so with no awareness of reality in situations isn’t going to help someone either.

I’ve re-discovered my lack of connection with motivational speakers who don’t have a really strong “I’ve been there and I’ve overcome and you can too” story of hope.

The rest of the positive rainbow spewing chatterboxes can be filed under audible clutter.


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