Reversed advice

So school starts this week.

I never got wait list notification that anyone dropped from the program, so I guess it’s next year for that.

But, I’ve made the decision not to go back to classes this current year to kill time until then.

It’s actually purely a financial decision. I’m just too close to the undergrad student loan cap for comfort when I’m still going to have two more years at a somewhat expensive school to be covered.

But the interesting thing is how many people who were totally against my going back to school last year are totally against my decision not to go this year too!

I’m too cautious to go for the “oh, financial aid will work it out somehow” line of thinking and just hope it resolves itself down the road.

Though, there are still 2 classes I could take now that would be less to have to take down the road… that I’ve considered doing through one of the local community colleges for much cheaper if I can get a job to pay for it before the spring semester.

But, I have to laugh at the order of things if I do that.

I’ll have gone from high school, to classes at a community college and local state college, to private university, back to public state college, back to community college, then hopefully to a catholic college.

Somehow I think I got my linear ordering a bit looped around. 🙂


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