The baby parent

Every year on parents night for the new school year, I’m amazed by how much older many of the other parents in kiddo’s class seem to be.

Maybe part of it is where she goes to a traditional magnet… but it seems like a lot of the parents are closer to my mother’s age than to mine.

Yeah, I was a bit young when kiddo was born… but not that young.

But to top the weird?

I figured out that one of my daughter’s classmates is the child of one of my high school teachers.

Granted, yes, he was one of the younger teachers during my sophomore year…. probably early 30’s at the time… so probably late 30’s when this kid was born…

But it just still strikes me as sort of interesting each year.

This year particularly, as it seemed like I was probably the only one under 35 in the half of the class of parents attending the same time period I was.


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