Physical blocks

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been on my feet all day.

And the plantar fasciitis is still flared up some… especially first thing in the morning… even with the extra rest and not being provoked every day.

This really doesn’t look positive for on my feet jobs. Though, I’m not ruling them out yet… hoping that getting some of the high quality arch supports, or maybe even having to go for the prescription shoe inserts, might have some possibility.

But it still strikes me on how much physical blocks are in place on my capabilities for a lot of jobs.

Some are a bit more obvious and preventable, like being too fat to pass military tests and the like. Those i get… and am mostly ok with.

But the wrist tendonitis…. and now the fairly similar issues with feet… keep frustrating me.

I see these call center jobs. And I know they would hire me… call centers tend to have high turnover, and I have multiple years of experience.

But I know… that I’d be absolutely miserable and in pain for the entire duration of the job, and risk doing greater damage to my wrists and the nerves. I pushed it further than I should have with my last non-seasonal one.

And to reinforce this… my wrists have been acting up even with the extended amount of typing and writing I’ve been doing putting in applications.

So I know better… but its still so tempting… and so frustrating that I know that I can’t do something I should be able to do, and through no fault of my personal choices.

So no extended typing, and now possibly no constantly on my feet….. do you know exactly how many jobs that would quickly eliminate? Most of them that I’m qualified for anyway.


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