Less than a fair

I keep forgetting why I know better than to try out the job fairs around here when there’s so many aircraft workers laid off around here.

The ads always seem so wonderful… 100’s of booths! People interviewing on the spot! Bring lots of resumes and dress to impress!

And then I get there. lol

At least half of the booths will be for schools… some of them legit colleges… some of them much closer to scams.

Then at least 3 different branches of the military.

And then there’s my least favorites… the “looks like a job but not one that really pays” category. There’s always lots of these.

Sell prepaid legal services (to your own friends and contacts)! Sell candles (to your own friends and contacts)! Sell greeting cards (to your own friends and contacts)! Sell avon (to your own friends and contacts)! Be a weight loss coach aka sell questionable health products (to your own friends and contacts)! Sell these amazingly wonderful knives (to your own friends and contacts)!

I feel fairly confident in saying that nobody who goes to these booths will be able to pay their bills using these jobs.

Sometimes there are a few that are borderline with that group… things that are commission only sales, but at least not expecting you to come up with all of your customers on your own. Given that I’m not really a persuasive type person who does well in pressuring people, to me these also seem unlikely to pay the bills.

And there is always a section of booths that aren’t ever from around here. A state or two or three away… they are looking for people to move. They especially tend to be after the former aircraft workers or other engineering sorts of types… things usually above my head.

And the one company always hiring around here is usually there… the school bus drivers. Who seem attractive, paying 12 an hour… until you find out that they only pay for the hours you are actually driving, not the hours spent sitting there waiting for the kids to get out of school then for them to get loaded on the bus. Or sitting around waiting for them on field trips if you can get the extra hours. Most bus routes in this town aren’t that long… so 12 an hour times 1 hour twice a day still only makes 24 bucks a day before taxes… 125 a week… roughly 525 a month. If you can get one of the setups that does multiple routes eventually that’d be more, but not likely soon. (Plus the whole issue of the difficulty of dealing with possibly unruly kids while trying to focus on driving safely making it not the easiest task)

To be fair, there usually are a handful of regular, normal, standard jobs… though much much fewer than anything you’d expect, and mostly close to minimum wage. At the last one here, I got three aps put it…. one for a fast food place, one for a grocery store cashier, and one for a gas station clerk. There was a fourth one that would have been appropriate for me, a security company, but i’d actually already applied to that one online a few weeks ago for working with their dispatch and hadn’t heard back.

But it just always annoys me a bit how much these fairs seem much more like junk and cheap advertising for people aiming to go after the job seekers… and not actually aimed at getting them jobs. The schools… the junk jobs… even the military really… probably get a ton more people looking at them for cheaper than they would by putting their ads in other places.

But it doesn’t really seem fair to the people who are looking for someone to hire them… not to be an easy marketing target.


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