Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos

Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos is the latest book I’ve received from Tyndale for reviewing it. Which sort of surprised me because it totally doesn’t seem that long ago that I was trying to figure out how to explain his last book in a review without giving away too much, and now I’m back. LOL

Like Imaginary Jesus, Night of the Living Dead Christian is again a book that is written mostly from the author’s perspective seemingly in reality and yet actually operating in an analogy. Sort of.

It’s part funny book about vampires and werewolves, and part thought provoking book about Christians still struggling with their issues, and actually does this both at the same time.

What the book was getting at was actually clearer in this book a lot quicker than the earlier book, where I spent a good bit trying to figure out what was going on, and seemed to get moving a lot smoother.

The book is really well written and funny, one of those books you end up finding yourself still reading an hour after you thought you were just going to pick it up for a few minutes. The story moves well, even in the times when it’s essentially giving you background information.

For being something with a monster theme, the fights and injuries are done well… giving you enough detail to know what happened instead of just a vague “there was a fight”, but, not going so far into detail and gore to make the reader feel like they need to hide their eyes until its over. (Ok, so the eyes hiding thing doesn’t work as well with a book as a monster movie…)

The monsters also aren’t exactly scary villains, most of the time anyway, so people who aren’t really into horror sorts of things will probably still be ok with this book… though I think I may have a few of these guys hiding in my closets. Those expecting the vampires to be sparkling and romantic may be a bit disappointed though.

And the one thing that I have to warn you about… is to pay attention to chapter headings. I’ve discovered exactly how much I don’t… because at times some of the chapters will be notes from the werewolf, which baffled me for about half a page every time. It’s very clearly stated in the chapter heading…. the tone is completely different… about the only way they could have marked it as different any more would have been to change fonts or something for the clueless… and yet, I still kept missing it and wondering at the odd change of tone and perspective. So watch the headings.

It’s a funny book, while still prompting deep thinking, and a cute book for the near halloween timing. (Yes, I just called a monster theme book cute. Oddly enough)

1st Chapter as a .PDF file

Tyndale’s page for the book


2 thoughts on “Night of the Living Dead Christian by Matt Mikalatos

  1. Hello, Blue! Thanks again for a great review… just like with Imaginary Jesus! I’m glad you enjoyed Night of the Living Dead Christian. One thing that made me laugh, though… you know, the werewolf chapters did have a different font than the rest. Ha ha ha.

    Anyway, great review and thanks so much.


    • blueraindrop says:

      Seriously? (Grabs book)
      LOL Well I guess it is!

      Ok… so I guess that just makes the point even more that it’s well marked, but the oblivious can still miss it every time anyway! 🙂

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