The bow fad

Right now, volleyball is a bit boring.

Mostly, its just serving… because kiddo just moved up to the higher grade levels where the net is at full height and the serving line is in its standard position…. and so only about half of the girls can get their serves over the net with any regularity.

(There’s actually a 7 foot high green rope running from my back porch to the garage right now for the sake of practice… I’m sure the neighbors are totally baffled as to what I was thinking if they haven’t seen her actively practicing over it.. lol)

Anyway, kiddo gets bored waiting for things to come flying her way, and has been messing with her pony tail holders and hair…. trying to fling the holder at the nearby girls… wrapping it around her wrists and trying to hit the ball like that… once even missing a ball that flew right in front of her because she was putting it back in her hair.

So, in a random moment of “gee, wonder if this will work”, I decided to make her some hairbows to match her uniform…. thinking that maybe then she would leave the ponytail in and leave it alone.

Because she’s all about accessories and nail polishes and having her ears pierced and all sorts of girly girl stuff that I was never really into as a tomboy.

And so I made the bows. And she loved them.

And several of the other girls complimented the bow she wore.

And then, she decided to wear one of the bows to school on monday. Ok.. whatever.

And then came home telling me she wanted to learn to make the bows to be able to show the girls at school because they wanted to know how. (They are actually a bit of a pain and involve hot glue and sewing needles…. not sure i’ve going there yet.. lol)

The bows make a few more appearances…. including one day that she’d put it in her bag and put it in herself because she was running late. So I decided to get colors that actually match her school uniform better, and did two more before I ran out of the white that I’d gotten for the volleyball/basketball uniform.

So then a few days later, she mentioned another girl buying a bow at a local boutique store.

And so then yesterday, she said that 6 or 7 of the girls have bows now. Her class only has 24 kids, so I’d estimate there’s only 11 other girls total.

I’m more than a bit amused that I’ve managed to start a bow trend in the 4th grade now, totally unintentionally.

I’m pretty sure that’s gotta be the first trend anywhere related to fashion that I’ve ever been associated with! lol!

But now she’s started asking for specific color patterns… such as black with hot pink skulls.

I’m hoping ribbon goes on sale soon… starting to get a bit scared of the cost of feeding the monster I’ve created.

But she did leave it alone during the volleyball game! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The bow fad

  1. tlc4women says:

    Maybe you’ve started a new business?

  2. tlc4women says:

    I actually know of a soccer mom who is in charge of making the bows for the team. I think she sells them each for $7.50 and they are considered a part of the uniform now.

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