Process of elimination

So… I’m at 1 month back hitting apps heavy instead of being in the store.

Week 1: applied to 22 new businesses
(many were actually apps for multiple positions and/or multiple locations… but on the form, they get combined by company contacted)
Week 2: 25 businesses
Week 3: 29 businesses
Week 4: 21 businesses (plus 3 that were late and will count towards next week)

Plus 7 apps that i’ve filled out while with supervisor, and 3 at a job fair.

For a total of 107 different companies this month.

For a total of one call back.

And that call was just to make sure they I’d realized that the 3 positions I’d applied for with that company were in completely different areas of town and not at all at the main office.

I’ve applied until my wrist is sore from tendonitis flare ups.

But… I still feel like I’m just one in a million in their piles of applicants here.

What makes me any better than anyone else in that pile? I’m sure there’s a least 50 of me… and more than that who are better than me in any given thing that might be to my benefit.

Customer service people are a dime a million right now. Lots of them having years and years of experience. Same with retail.

I’ve had Place in this World by Michael W Smith running through my head this weekend. “Among the millions, oh can you still hear me? Hear me asking, where do I belong?”

I know the answer is yes…. but I’m just not feeling it right now. It starts getting to you… when 107 places don’t even think you are worth minimum wage for part time hours to them.

I suppose on the bright side… at this point it oughta be pretty obvious which direction is the right one by the sheer fact that every other door has slammed shut… so the one that doesn’t is a pretty sure bet.

I’ve come to the point that my prayers are starting to slant into requests for delusion… for some random hiring manager to get a crazy whim and/or a dart board and manage to be blinded enough to be somehow convinced that I’m his best option even when there’s a really good chance that I’m not.

Which reminds me of similar prayers said in dating frustrations. Which was about the point that I decided it was time for me to stop dating lol.


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