More like “the suburb”?

Now this could be really interesting… lol!

To recap lol…
I’ve mentioned before about the church I attend… and having people get scared away when things get real in conversations…
and how i’ve played around on facebook and discovered that:
* the same people talking to me and trying to recruit me to “do life together” in their small groups are the same people who don’t want to “do life” enough to be willing to add me as a friend, even if they make their posts public
* unless they are also a leader
* but people who dont know me at all or have met me once will add me with no hesitations
* leaders who haven’t talked to me wont add me
* and neither will people who have a lot of common friends but don’t get sent a message that i attend the same church.

I probably actually ought to update on the facebook experiment, mentioning that one of the people who didn’t get told where they would know me actually did add me, some months later, out of the blue, even though they are on there actively and didn’t have a lot of friends added at the same time to suggest they were just clearing their list.
Also, a couple of people who are mutual friends with one of the added leaders also added me… though from what i can figure that’s actually mainly just for games, as that’s the only interaction we’ve had, and i do have high levels on the few games that i play.

But anyway… they’ve now announced…. a private church social website.

Lots of hype of “like facebook but better”…. and how much more involved and connected with each other this is going to make us.

I was honestly having to try not to laugh at some points. The church’s website barely gets the sermon archives updated and never even mentioned the changes in leadership for a full year… it’s facebook page is dead and even when it had posts they were only really announcements already made at church… its facebook group very very rarely has any activity at all…. and the times that they have posted events there, i’ve only known about them by seeing other people reserve to them, so they haven’t even figured out to invite the people from the facebook group.

And this is going to magically change by paying a good chunk of change monthly for a third party website?

If they don’t have an interest in connecting and using technology with the tools they already have at their disposal, I can’t say my hopes are real high that this is going to go well past the initial thrill of having a new toy.

But then… when you add in the fact that this isn’t connected to facebook that people regularly log in to interact with, so its going to have to be a deliberate destination… meaning you are going to have to keep it new and interesting and useful and active or they aren’t going to bother to check it…

Even before you start looking at the people factors I’ve run into with the facebook thing… that just because people say they want to connect doesn’t actually mean they really want to when it gets down to it… and that on a isolated church website they are going to be wearing their church masks like at church rather than closer to real people they are somewhere neutral like facebook….

My realistic side is giving this project a steep slope for being a success from the point of view of the congregation members.

I think part of their main selling point though is that it also functions as church office software… tracking giving and membership, and stuff like that. So, if it’s worth that cost to them, it may be a success from that angle, though I’d imagine there have got to be much much cheaper options.

LOL but on the plus side, maybe if its automated my daughter’s name will actually be listed on the class check in sheets (which is wasn’t for the first 2 years we attended… including 1 1/2 that we were already members)… and maybe even be spelled right (still isn’t)! (Though.. we still won’t know what the mystery * is for beside her name that she pointed out.. lol)

On the minus side… by not actively hunting down attendance clipboards that never seem to be near me, I’d managed to get myself dropped off of their robocaller list… and on this latest round, even their mailing list. Do I really wanna get the computerized calls again…. including womens ministry ones that call back all day before they actually give up and leave a message?

Anyway… this could be interesting to see how it plays out… especially having been a moderator/admin on a professionally operated christian site that’s had its own alive times and dead times.

Wonder what would happen if I started some of the pointless goofy fun threads to get people involved that we used to do over there? Would many people actually say what you ate for lunch daily on a page everyone in their church could read? lol


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