For the future humor value

So today is picture day at kiddo’s school.

Right after her volleyball team pics last weekend… which amazes me that with two sets of pics in one week nothing catastrophic has happened to give her a black eye or large wound or awful self haircut.

(Maybe I shouldn’t say that till she gets home from school looking the same as when she left…)

So last night was the battle I knew would be coming someday.

The battle of “here’s your really nice pretty dress for tomorrow” vs “i wanna wear this outfit that you think makes me look ridiculous”


Of course… what kid wants to wear the nice black and purple Justice dress she wore to the funerals last winter… when she can wear a hand-me-down from cousins, semi faded, zebra print, very wide necked shirt with a turquoise tank top under it? Which looks even more amusing with the big black bow that looks so pretty with the formal dress.

And which one would want a nice formal background instead of the one with blue and purple streaks across it?

After about an hour, I decided it wasn’t worth the battle…. though she’d been warned that I’d only be ordering a small package instead of the usual cheapest one with an 8×10. (They allow orders of more prints afterwards, so I can always add more if they happen by some miracle to turn out wonderful.)

So… it’s cheaper on me anyway with the crazy tight budget right now.
And, well, last year we did both normal pics and retakes and the school ones still weren’t ones anyone was a fan of.
And her sports pictures usually turn out better anyway, and had just been a few days before.
And it lets her be her own individual.

But mainly???

This gives me something that I know she’s going to cringe at sooner rather than later on cheesy school pics. You can’t tell me that’s she’s always going to love this choice of outfit… but pics are forever! lol

So now I’m actually kind of anxious to see how these turn out. Just not sure I can keep a straight face when they first get presented.


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