So, last weekend I was feeling down about the number of apps without getting any bites.

This weekend… I got a call yesterday for an interview later next week at a department store. One of the ones that asks the questions to know I’m in a program that will give them a tax credit… thus helping my chances a bit.

But then, this morning (Sat. morning), I got a call for another interview. For a place that I just put the app in yesterday afternoon at about 3.

But what takes it from interesting to a bit weird…. is that this app was one that I’d been handed by the person I report to…. and told that they had actually called her boss, completely out of the blue, and informed her that they were hiring.

This isn’t actually the staff from the main work program they would have been talking to… this is the program director for the work experience placement part of the program.

To their knowledge, nobody from the program has ever been hired there before… so it sounded like they weren’t even sure how they knew to call them to find people looking for jobs.

But it’s one of the local locations of a major national chain, so it’s not like it’s likely to be a scam. Though the national website didn’t list openings currently in this particular store.

So I dropped the app off, mainly with a shrug. Because it’s a very girly girl type of store…. the type I generally would walk right past in the mall locations. Not exactly somewhere I fit in with their target image from what I’ve seen… though my mom loves this place other than their prices.

So given that I was dropping off the app in person, where they could clearly see “fat chick in mom jeans”, I wasn’t actually expecting them to call, well, ever. Let alone first thing the next morning.

So… on one hand I’m thinking that unusual things like the phone call may actually be a good sign of an unusual path directly to my chance.

But on the other hand… I’m a bit wondering why.

You are a popular, busy, fairly upscale store that could put up a sign and have 50 of your loyal customers familiar with your products applying within just a few days easily. The national website could probably get as many in a couple of weeks.

So why do you instead call a program that’s usually listed as vocational rehabilitation on most listings? Nothing has come up on the local unemployment center web listings, that would have been the much more obvious place to try if you were just looking for people who were down on their luck to be nice, or people who wouldn’t have other jobs reducing their availability.

I’m actually hoping on this one that they were just looking for the tax credits. But I’m a bit suspicious that they are deliberately looking for people who are desperate for some reason… to pay them lower wages than the usually do? To do the “dirty” work jobs in the store? (I hate to say it… but as I’ve never seen anyone but a white female working in this chain of stores, though mostly so are the shoppers… maybe hoping that would get them diversity for stats reasons?)

But… well… I really don’t have much to lose at this point. Minimum wage is a lot more that I get on stipends, and the dirtiest job in this place is still probably better than the best job at some places.

For better or worse… will see what happens.


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