Bankless and confused

Earlier this month, I accidentally had 47 cents less in my account than was needed for a payment. Which caused a fee, which then caused the water bill to bounce.

What fun. So over 47 cents my account is in the red for $70 of fees and the water company is upset and adding their fee.

Stupid mistake… but ah well. Or so I thought.

Yesterday, I got a dear john email from my bank.

Not because of the overdraft… oh no, that would make too much sense.

But because of fraud, they recently decided to screen all of their accounts that were opened online, using chexsystems, and decided that based on my report they could no longer offer me an account, and that I have till the end of the month before its closed.

An account that I’ve already had just shy of 3 years??

Isn’t that a little bit late to be wondering if the account was a case of fraud??

I know what the chexsystems report says… it’s about the battle I had with the previous bank that never got resolved, thus prompting me to find a new bank in the first place. Nothing fraud about it, just negative.

But I guess now I know that 3 years ago I should have gone to the nearest branch instead of filling out the forms online?

I’ve been into several of the branches around town over the years and had to show my id for things… including resetting my debit card, which required a picture be taken. Shouldn’t that have cleared questions of my being who I said I was when I opened it?

I don’t know. I’m thinking it’s probably more likely related to the overdraft and the fact that they’ve figured out by now I’m broke. LOL

One of my friends thinks it’s probably actually because where it was set up online and never had physical checks, it was still a free account… which they don’t actually offer anymore unless you have really huge minimum balances to leave sitting around.

In either case… I’m not sure it’s worth fighting over. They can offer accounts to who they want, and it apparently isn’t me anymore.

I’m actually thinking of not replacing them… and just going to cash and prepaid debit card. With all the bank fees anymore, at least the ones on the prepaid card are lower and predictable. And it’s not like I’m rolling in the dough to be doing much with an account anyways besides fighting to keep it out of the red.

In an unrelated and yet somewhat related incident…

About a week ago I got a random automated email from the college I went to last year that my awarded student aid for this year had been modified.

I logged in, it just said that it was cancelled because I didn’t enroll, which was as it should have been, so I ignored it and figured that was settled.

Today, three things happened.

First I got another automated email… the one telling me that my loan had been distributed in the last 30 days. HUH? There shouldn’t be one.

So I log in again, and it tells me there was a 450 dollar loan issued. But that my balance for this semester is still zero. And I’m still not enrolled. My checking account was linked, so if it had been issued, and been above the cost of tuition (uh… $0 right now), it would have been deposited into my account. Nothing has been.

Unfortunately, this was already after business hours… so I just make a note to call and ask what in the world is going on in the morning.

So then I check the snail-mail, and I have a letter from the financial aid department from the college I’ll be attending next year (if I attend), saying that they need documentation on my loan overpayment. Again, huh? There shouldn’t be one… well, unless the random 450 actually got paid and then maybe that… but still… you’d think I’d know about that one before they would.

And then when I check my other email, I find an email from the company that the government has got running my student loans, asking me to log in and do some paperwork preparing for payments to start again now. Which is early but expected… but which means that the government realizes that I’m not attending this semester, so why would they have approved a 450 loan payment to the college?


Do I seriously not have enough financial things to juggle and worry about right now without financial institutions going bonkers on me? Neither of these should even be an issue…



One thought on “Bankless and confused

  1. blueraindrop says:

    So the loan thing turned out to be the college correcting a mistake they made last year that put me over the subsidized loan cap by changing that portion to unsubsidized… which made it look like a new loan. Basically just an administrative thing. So at least it’s not anything to worry about… well, other than the fact that the financial aid office had issues with basic math? lol

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