A happy happy day!

😀 I got a job!

Yes, it’s part time and seasonal… and a dollar above minimum wage. But right now, that’s still awesome news. It’s at least a couple months taken care of… with the hope that beyond that I can have proved myself and be considered to be kept on after January.

It’s also mornings…. when most of the other seasonal jobs have been afternoon, evenings, and weekends. So it may play nicely with another one for two part times to make a full time… however…. after the feelings a couple of days ago, i’m wondering a bit if that incident was something to tell me not to do that and someone else probably really needs anything they can get right now more than i need to have full time instead of part time.

Sticking with one part time would let me focus more on making sure my performance is the best it can be anyway… but, it would mean putting eggs in one basket instead of 2 as far as places to get my hopes up on being kept on.

In unrelated news, I also managed to be pathetic sounding enough to get the customer service guy at the water department to let me just make the payment that was missed in the bank issue earlier this month to keep the water on… instead of having to make both the payment and pay the $30 fine upfront for the bounced payment that the general policy says is required. 🙂 Not my favorite way to have to get things worked out, but if it keeps it on long enough to let me get job going and greater income coming in, it totally works for right now!

And the weird mystery loan turned out to be something that the previous college was doing to correct a mistake that they made last year in calculations between how much of my loans were supposed to be subsidized (which has a lower cap) and how much beyond that ended up unsubsidized. Basically, they messed up their numbers somehow, and ended up accidentally putting me $450 over the subsidized cap.

So what looked like a new loan for a semester I wasn’t enrolled was actually an unsubsidized loan being added to remove part of the subsidized loan that put me over the cap.

You’d have thought they would have notified me of this before they did it… but apparently not.

No big deal really beyond a bit more interest accumulating for the unsubsidized… just not exactly confidence inspiring that their financial aid department got the numbers wrong in the first place.

So apparently the notice that got sent to them about it also got sent to the new college, which is why they were asking about overpayment documentation. She said the notice of the correction to the totals should be sent to them as well, so just to double check with them before enrolling to make sure they noticed the update.

So all in all, today went pretty well! 🙂


One thought on “A happy happy day!

  1. tlc4women says:

    YAY!!!! So happy to hear a job came your way!

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