Tiny papers of power

This week I have gone entirely through my filing cabinet, closet, bookshelf, and large dresser… completely moving every possible item.

I couldn’t find my social security card… which should have been in a specific place, but wasn’t.

Last time I would have needed it was back in 2007… so it’s had quite a while to be misplaced.

But it’s needed… for an interview tomorrow that wants it up front because they run extensive background checks (in this case are justified ones..), and for starting the seasonal job next week.

And so now it’s nowhere to be found… which has been stressing me out majorly.

As it turned out, when I went in this morning, I was able to order a replacement easily…. even without all of the extra documentation it says is needed and that I didn’t have immediate access to, as apparently they already had mine on file from previous applications (it’s been lost once before… just before I was old enough to start working and need it…)

But it amazes me just how much power tiny pieces of paper can be given.

Would people a couple of generations back have ever believed you if you’d told them that you could be kept from working at a job you’d been hired for because you’d lost a small piece of paper? Or that you could be blocked from getting any official job without it?

Or even how many hoops have to be jumped through anymore to even be considered at most places. There are still people my parent’s age who have never had to have a resume… and some who’ve even never had to sit down and fill out a formal application until now, or had a lack of high school diploma be an issue.

Let alone have done the background checks for even basic retail jobs, and credit checks even when not working with large sums of money, and drivers license record releases on non-driving jobs, and pee in a cup tests…

The more you stop and really think about some of these things… and life before them in the not so distant past.. the more I begin thinking our world has gone a bit haywire. and in a hurry at that.

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