Of course it’s wonderful, this time.

So I mentioned the school pic battle.

And how I caved and let her wear what she wanted… even though it seemed ridiculous… and I wasn’t expecting much out of the pics… and had gotten a really small package.

And so… I’m sure you all had already realized the way this works out… long before I did… and that they would turn out being her best school pics ever.


Of course they are. LOL

Last year we disliked them enough to let her get retakes, which she liked even less. The year before’s were sort of blah with a fake almost snoody smile… of course the ones we expect to be a joke turn out to be pretty!

Volleyball ones came out pretty well too… only qualm being that they show how bad her lips were chapped and damage from where she kept biting them.

So that’s what mom gets for thinking she knows anything about choices for school pics. LOL

And thus means I’ve probably lost any battle over next years clothing choice before I’ve even started the fight.

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